Stand By Me! – a song for massage therapy?

In 1962 Ben E. King recorded the song, “Stand By Me.” In this appeal – to whom? – his lover, God, his massage therapist? – he calls up the courage it really does take to stand up and live our lives each day.

It is sad, terrifying, joyous, maddening, inspiring, and mundane to live our lives. And the joining of our lives in the human community is so complex as to induce an almost immediate sense of overwhelm.

But the most we can do, and in some ways all we can do, is to truly stand by each other.

We can stand up on our own and we stand by our clients. We stand by them in their attempts to balance with their wings and with their prayers in this incredible world. Touching them, from a balanced place, we hope to facilitate their evolution and our own – this growing up of humanity.

Let us, touch professionals and everyone for whom touch is important, all rise and stand by each other in fullest appreciation of this incredible opportunity.