The Calling of Massage Therapy

There are those people who are drawn to play music, and they can not go a day or two without wanting to pick up the guitar. There are those who love writing. Finding words for their experiences gives their lives an essential, deeper meaning.

Similarly there are those who are drawn to touch. Touch is more universal than music or writing because, in some manner or other, almost everyone wants to touch and be touched. It is an essential way to know we are not alone.

Yet there are those who are drawn to touch in quite the same way as the musician or writer are drawn to their arts. We feel the need to touch in a way that has little to do with resolving our loneliness. It is not self-centered.

We want this touch to lift up the spirits of those around us. Just as the musician dreams of a people being animated to dance through their music, we dream of people’s pain and suffering being relieved.

This incredible art and science, in the most immediate way – body to body, mind to mind, and heart to heart – makes this world a better place.

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