The Only Mind You Can Read is Your Own!

11.01.KayciabackI wake up early in the morning and one of reasons I do is I like the general calmness and silence of that time.

A few years ago I started listening more deeply to the “voice” in my head. For many years before that, I felt that it was often talking too loudly and too much and that good massage really helped turn down the volume of thought. Then I really listened and had to admit – there is no volume to thought! The “voice” in the head is silent.

Now, I know sometimes thoughts follow each other fast, sometimes they are expressing conflicting emotions, and sometimes I imagine I am shouting inside. But the truth is thought has no volume. Listen to it. It’s like telepathy. It IS telepathy. Except the only mind you can read is your own.

When we do Deep Massage, we monitor for change. One change I am looking for is for the person to relax into the silence of their mind. How do we know they’re there?

Here are two signs that occur to me:

1. They stop talking.
2. The everyday microexpressions they usually have on their face disappear.

Other signs you know?