The Subluxation of Time

Subluxation is a largely chiropractic term for a joint being misaligned.  Naturally, any therapist concerned with the structure of the body looks to help with alignment and address the soft tissue component of subluxations.  We help line up the body’s spaces so that the force of gravity, will, and physiological clarity flows through the organism.

Yet we deeply need alignment in time as well.  Maybe it’s not your back that’s “out”. Maybe your childhood is “out”!

Often we see clients who have become chronically adult.  They have lost connection with their body and with the time in their life when everything was new!

When we know that, when we know every touch speaks to time as well as space, we then work with the conscious awareness that we may be addressing subluxations of time!  I was once talking with Jan Sultan, one of the great teachers of Rolfing – “Structural Integration”.   I excitedly ran this by him and we discussed the idea and term – “Temporal Integration”.

Just as the conductor, the composer and orchestra organize time in the performance of a beautiful symphony, so we therapists and our client’s the inner wisdom can help to organize and rediscover lost times; help them come to a place where all the moments of the person’s life-time line up more fully in support of their fulfillment.

The great writer, Walter Benjamin, said, “Only for a redeemed mankind has its past become citable in all its moments.”

Only for a client whose past times are aligned and activated, can they move forward fully with all the wisdom that their whole life has provided.