Dealing with Trauma Release in Massage Therapy Sessions

the word trauma being erasedWhat pops into your brain when you think of the word – trauma? Trauma takes many forms and will show up in massage therapy. Clients come to massage appointments looking for relief, oftentimes this can be directly related to physical pain. Massage therapists are extensively trained to help use techniques to provide release, which is vital support for those seeking help.

Has a client ever experienced a release in a way that made you feel confused or uncomfortable? We know that therapists are careful and compassionate in the services they provide. But how do you make space in your brain for an unknown situation, with bodies that hold trauma in such intricate ways? This can look very different for every client. Some clients may cry, scream, become angry, freeze or get tense. This can feel scary, overwhelming, or sad for both therapist and client.

What can you do to protect yourself, keep your client safe, and provide a calming environment during the process? Our 3-Day Trauma-Sensitive Training is built to help you build confidence in situations just like these. We will help you identify and respond to clients in ways that feel comfortable for you and your clients. More than that, we will give you tools to build a practice that helps support people through real life-changing healing.

We will help you to develop systems for safety, build an understanding of how your massage services can support ongoing mental health treatment, and develop ways of stabilizing clients when the release during treatment is overwhelming for the client. We will help you increase your knowledge, skills, and confidence in implementing Trauma-Sensitive Massage Therapy and possibly even help you develop a very in-demand niche for your practice. Just us!

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Trauma-Sensitive Training for Massage Therapists

with Traci Pirri & Rochelle Webber from Hope For The Journey

December 9 – 11, 2022 – 9am – 5pm

20 CEs – $450 *Save your spot with a $225 Deposit.

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Trauma-Sensitive Training for Massage Therapists