Trauma-Sensitive Training for Massage Therapists

with Traci Pirri & Rochelle Webber from Hope For The Journey

December 9 - 11, 2022

9am - 5pm 

20 CEs - $450 *Save your spot with a $225 Deposit. 

Early Registration Discount: 10% Off through Oct. 11!

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Workshop Description:

Trauma takes many forms and will show up in massage therapy. Clients often seek massage to help ease body pain that is rooted in emotional pain from events in the past. So, it makes sense that a massage therapist would need a good understanding of trauma and how it impacts the body and can result in pain.

What is trauma & how can it show up in massage clients? How can a massage therapist create increased safety for clients and students with a history of trauma? What are some concrete techniques that can be used to help ground and stabilize a client whose trauma has become activated through massage? We will look at a variety of different types of trauma including traditionally understood traumas like sexual assault, medical traumas, or a history of abuse, as well as traumas caused by race, gender, and inequality.

It is crucial for massage therapists to have an in-depth knowledge in the practices and policies needed to create safety and containment for your massage clients. Our training will give you a greater understanding of trauma that will enable you to both avoid trauma triggers and know how to manage them with safety and respect towards the client when a technique invokes a traumatic response.

Understand the emotional, physiological, and neurological components of a traumatic response. 

Understand the impacts of trauma on the body and how that impacts their patients receiving massage therapy services. 

Demonstrate a good understanding of assessment, informed consent, emotional regulation and progressive exposure techniques that can be implemented in their massage therapy practices with patients presenting with a history of trauma and/or demonstrating a traumatic response to treatment. 

Become aware of your own risk factors for compassion fatigue and demonstrate an awareness of self-care practices to implement to minimize the risks of compassion fatigue and secondary trauma.

About the Instructor:

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Traci W. Pirri, LCSW

Hope For The Journey is a trauma counseling group with offices in Round Rock, Austin, and San Antonio. We help kids, adults, parents, and partners to heal and thrive after trauma, particularly sexual trauma, with counseling that works. We recognize that other fields, such as massage and physical therapy, provide vital support services for managing the physical pain that can result from a history of trauma. As a result, we partner with practitioners in these fields and in the greater community and provide training/education to promote trauma-sensitive care across all the helping fields.

About the Instructor:

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Rochelle Webber, LMFT

Rochelle Webber, LMFT, is our Director of Education, in charge of our Trauma Certification Program, as well as our intern program. Traci W. Pirri, LCSW-S is our owner. She has spoken locally and nationally on a range of trauma-related topics. Both clinicians specialize in treating complex trauma and are EMDR trained.