Deep Massage – An Advanced 20-hour Training is coming up

What is Deep Massage as we teach it? It is NOT just deep tissue (though it overlaps with it). Deep Tissue is a common term, but it has become quite problematic. Often clients want you to hurt them! And often therapists hurt themselves, working too hard to fulfill those expectations.

The truth is this. It is not just tissues that relax; it is equally the nervous system which relaxes the tissues. Relaxation, in other words, is a function of energy as much as structure. Now your average client does not understand this. But it is becoming increasingly urgent in our field to educate the public. Release of tension is something the muscles do in response to the nervous system.

If you touch the tissues in a manner that causes the nervous system to relax, you will have the optimum therapeutic benefit. So the effect will be deepest when you use just the right pressure (not necessarily a lot of pressure!).

In this advanced Deep Massage workshop, we will apply these principles to remarkably effective work with the side of the body (serratus anterior, the it band, lower leg), the back (erector spinae, multifidus, quadratus lumborum and more), the pelvis from above (iliopsoas and diaphragm), below (adductors) and behind (deep lateral rotators), the shoulder girdle (pectoralis minor, subscapularis) and the neck (SCM and  the deep suboccipital muscles).

The philosophy and these new techniques will greatly benefit you as a therapist  and help your clients even more!

Learn more at the Deep Massage workshop with David Lauterstein on June 27-29. CLICK HERE to register today!