Explore Deep Massage

The Deep Massage: Lauterstein Method I workshop coming up January 24-26 at Lauterstein-Conway Massage School in Austin may change your work more than any other class you’ve ever taken.

You will learn all the theory and every hands-on technique in The Deep Massage Book. This will add 30 new techniques from this one class – giving you an incredible new repertoire of powerful techniques to add to your tool bag.

The Deep Massage book extensively elaborates a hands-on method for combining structural and energetic bodywork. It has been reviewed as “the most innovative book for bodyworkers in the last 30 years.” David Lauterstein has been a massage and bodywork teacher since 1982. In 2012 he was award the Jerome Perlinski Teacher of the Year award from AMTA and in 2013 the Educator of the Year award from the Alliance for Massage Therapy Education.

Even if you have studied Deep Massage before with David or one of his school’s faculty, taking this Deep Massage I course with David will take your work to the next level. Students of advanced bodywork forms such as Cranio-sacral, Zero Balancing, and Deep Massage benefit the most from deepening the foundations of their theory and practice. In addition, for new and past students of Deep Massage this class is the first level of the 60-hour certification process.

In Deep Massage I we will explore how to engage the nervous system through the soft tissues – because without engaging the nervous system, relaxation doesn’t happen! We will learn new techniques for the back, shoulder girdle, extensive neck work, deep massage for the pelvis, thighs and lower legs. Then you will learn important work for the abdomen and chest, arms, neck and head.

We will also cover how to integrate this work with basic Swedish strokes so that, in addition to the depth, your work will feel more integrated and nourishing, not invasive or painful to the client – or practitioner!

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