by Aaron McLeod

Five years ago, I attended another massage school in Austin. I should say as background that I am visually impaired. My challenges at this school included not having computer resources, support from the school, or a tutor. All I had was a recorder and my memory.

It was difficult for most of the time but I did end up graduating from that school. Afterwards, I took the licensing exam, the MBLEX, three times and failed each attempt. At that time, I gave up and felt I was done with massage.

Two years later, a friend called David Lauterstein and wondered if The Lauterstein-Conway Massage School (TLC) might be able to help me. Mr. Lauterstein arranged for me to meet with Christopher Fritel, instructor at TLC. I had a number of tutoring sessions with him so I could take the test again. I took the test again and failed again. I felt perhaps it was not the right time to become a massage therapist!

About a year ago, I decided to try it again. This time, I went through the entire TLC 500 hour Program from the start to the finish as a student. I was determined to make it!

It was a hard year but with tutoring and the support of the school’s staff and fellow classmates, I successfully made it through the program. I came out having a strong massage education, fine-tuned skills, and confidence. TLC gave me the tools to success that no other school had provided before. I got to work with great tutors on a weekly basis, was able to use computer programs to study on my own, and had the emotional support from those around me.

Recently, I took the MBLEX and I passed!

I am just one step away from becoming a licensed therapist after so many years of hard work and perseverance! I could not have done it without my tutors Christopher Fritel, Chris Sullivan, and Ms. Cindy Anderson who helped make me into the massage therapist that I am today.

Thanks to everyone at TLC for helping keep my dream alive and for helping to make it come true!