Hooked on Acupressure

A Massage Therapy Instructor’s Reflection on Her Journey with Chi/Qi.

by Dr. Gayl Hubatch OMD, LMT instructor

I use acupressure for everything – from my own muscle stiffness after a workout, headache or trouble sleeping to giving hour-long treatments in my professional clinic. When my spouse or daughter has a headache or allergies, they are always asking for my ‘point holding.” Acupressure relives pain and sinus pressure instantaneously. It’s quite remarkable really.

My daughter’s in her 30’s now and it was her birth that actually led me to Chinese medicine. I had such a profound experience in giving birth and feeling such dynamic life force moving through me that I pursued the question, “What is Chi (Qi)?”

It’s been a life long learning as now my practice is 30 years in the making. Time flies… I must be having fun!

Studying Acupressure led me to massage therapy in Eugene, Oregon and then to qigong and Chinese medicine in Santa Fe, NM and then Austin. My acupuncture practice in Lakeway is 20 years old this year!

The purpose of teaching Bodymind Acupressure is to share my passion with qi and help others to learn how to access the intricate and powerful web of the meridian system with only their hands and intention. Accurately locating acupressure points is important but more importantly is cultivating intentionality and the use of conscious breath.

This upcoming class will give you a real experience of qi and practical techniques to use professionally and personally.

You will be hooked!

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