Hot Stone Massage – Meditation in Motion

woman getting a hot stone massage at a day spaBy Joy Sablatura Rockwell

Hot stone massage is one of the most deeply relaxing forms of massage. With hydrotherapy, one applies a hydrocollator pack to the back to relax the muscles before being able to massage on a deeper level. With hot stones, the therapist has the heat of the smooth lava rocks penetrating each muscle group, relaxing the muscle fibers as he or she slowly glides the stones. It becomes a meditation in motion. The therapist slows way down with this type of massage. It’s not fast and invigorating like a sports massage. The heat needs to penetrate, so it’s a slow and steady massage. The energy of the therapist is communicated through his or her hands, through the stones to the client. It’s a wonderful tool, to use the rocks as an extension of the therapist’s hands, and to save one’s hands from overuse.

I had a single mother who used to come get a massage every Monday evening. On the fourth visit every month, she would always want hot stone. She enjoyed every massage, as they all were stress reducing and relaxing, but she wanted the feel of the warmth of the stones to help guide her into a deeper state of relaxation. She moved out of state, but when we talk, she occasionally will bring up how wonderful those massages were, and how much she misses them….which makes my day. I have a special place in my heart for single mothers, and know how important it is for them to de-stress, relax and rejuvenate as they work hard and raise a family. She told me hot stone massage was more therapeutic for her than psychotherapy….that’s how relaxed and peaceful one can feel after a session.

Every therapist has their own unique way of doing massage and integrating their own techniques with the stones. I encourage experimentation with the stones, and it’s fun to see how each student makes hot stone massage their own.

Hot Stone Massage is the most frequently requested treatment after Swedish and Deep Massage. Many spas want their therapists to know hot stone massage, be prepared to provide this service to your own private clients or for work at a spa or salon.

Hot Stone Massage Therapy Workshop

woman getting a hot stone massage at a day spa
Set of basalt stones included in Workshop

with Joy Sablatura Rockwell

Sun, February 7, 2016
$175 (Tuition includes a full set of basalt stones)

7 CE’s 


**10% discount for TLC students/faculty/alumni**