Massage CE: Massaging Seniors

By Peggy Rouh, LMT, MTI, PhD

Seniors are the most appreciative massage client group you will ever encounter.

Everyone loves a massage. Just as with babies, touch for seniors is integral to their well being. Also as we age, the opportunity for caring touch diminishes.

Research shows that nurses in hospitals touch seniors less often than other patients. Many are widowed and living alone – lacking a daily touch from a loved one.

Massage is a wonderful way for seniors to get the touch they crave. Often massage therapists are apprehensive about working on seniors. I’ve found in prior workshops that one of the most common comments is “I was afraid to work on Seniors. Now that I’ve been through the workshop, I’m no longer afraid.”

It is important to understand the unique needs of this group. Understanding their physiological changes and health issues will make you an even better therapist. You will learn how to accommodate those who cannot turn over or who are bedridden or in wheelchairs.

My clients are always happy to see me and so appreciative of the work I do with them. It is so gratifying to me to have them take my hand and tell me how much better they feel.

Peggy Rouh presents Senior Massage annually at Lauterstein-Conway Massage School. Peggy is certified in Geriatric Massage and works with a variety of senior clients from the very robust to those bed- and wheelchair-bound.