Massage Therapy Careers: Franchise Massage Therapist

One of the benefits of a career in massage therapy is the number and variety of opportunities you have to perform bodywork. Some licensed massage therapists (LMTs) choose to specialize over the lifetime of their careers and some have a practice that ranges in every way possible.

This series discusses the range of environments, specifically, in which you can practice massage therapy.

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Going to Work for a Franchise Massage Establishment

First, let’s take a look at franchise massage establishments.

Franchise describes the ability of an individual or group of individuals that authorizes them to carry out specific commercial activities under an authorization granted by a brand or parent or umbrella organization.

In the massage therapy industry, Massage Heights is an example of a parent organization, with its different locations being the individuals and groups operating under the Massage Heights brand. Massage Envy is also a franchise.

It is important to note that a franchise is not the same as working for an establishment that has many locations.

The Work is Not That Different at a Massage Franchise

A typical work day for a business like your local Massage Heights is not unlike your day in another massage environment.

Oftentimes a branded uniform is required and you will be required to follow hygiene requirements expected of any massage therapist anywhere. You will still need to arrive well in advance of your first client to mentally and physically prepare yourself and your work space, and you will be asked to perform your sessions to the best of your ability.

Some franchises do have more specific processes than others like also asking their LMTs to run the laundry and clean their work spaces after each use.

But really, the massage work itself will largely be the same.

So What is Different?

What does differ at a massage franchise establishment is often the pay structure and the menu of services.

Oftentimes, a single location or small chain massage establishment will only pay its employees for hours worked. If there is not a session on the schedule, oftentimes, massage therapists are asked to only be available – and not necessarily on-site.

Many times, however, franchises want their therapists on site for walk-ins. As a result, they might pay a smaller hourly wage for the time they require their therapists to be present even when a client isn’t booked.

Whether or not this is a benefit of working for a franchise depends on the massage therapist.

The menu of services is also something that is unique to a franchise – unique being a little bit of an oxymoron. Because the establishment works under the umbrella of a brand, working for a franchise means there is an expectation of a continuity and quality of service.

As a franchise massage therapist, you will provide massage from a specific menu of services. Services may include services like foot scrubs and hot stones as well as a range of specific massage modalities.

Again, whether or not having to follow a specific menu of services is a pro or con depends on the massage therapist.

To learn more about massage careers and the opportunities and environments in which you have to work stay tuned!

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