So You’re Thinking About Becoming a Massage Therapist?

If you’re thinking about becoming a massage therapist, you’re living in one of the best times in history for it. Working in the massage industry can be a rewarding and beneficial job for those who can call themselves licensed massage therapists.

But if you’re not sure you’d make a good massage therapist, consider the following:

Massage Therapist
You Might Make a Good Massage Therapist If…

You Like People
You don’t need to be popular among your friends and neighbors or be a professional conversationalist, but the good massage therapist naturally likes people.
If you can:
smile warmly at the clients who walk through your doors,
demonstrate a genuine interest in your client’s problems,
have the desire to help them within your scope of practice, and
can imagine wanting to see them back on your table again,
you’ll make a good massage therapist.
Where artists have canvases and merchandisers have products, massage therapists have people’s bodies. You could become a massage therapist if you like working with people.

You Can Work independently
While many massage therapists there will always be a person on your massage table, massage work itself is often done in the quiet and on your own.
If you:
can organize your time and work without an employer directing your every move,
are comfortable with and confident in taking ownership of your work, and
appreciate extended periods of quiet focus on the task in front of you,
you’ll make a good massage therapist.
Like the computer programmer or the accountant, even some of the more active massage modalities require dedicated concentration and precision. You could become a massage therapist if you like working independently.

You Like to Learn

While the massage therapist’s work is with the body, an interest in learning about things in general is important to becoming a massage therapist.
If you:
are naturally curious about how things work,
enjoy learning new things or ways to do things,
are open to trying different things that you have never heard of before – massage therapy is full of those –
you’ll make a good massage therapist.
Like the research scientist bent on discovering and the teacher whose greatest tool is knowledge itself, massage requires the individual to keep investigating and experimenting with things, so you could become a massage therapist if you like to learn.

Massage School Austin

The days of going to work in the family business are over. Whether you are fresh out of school and considering your career options or in a later stage of your professional life and seeking a worthwhile side hustle, becoming a massage therapist could be the answer.
The State of Texas requires its massage therapists to be well-educated and licensed. Learn more about Lauterstein-Conway’s renowned massage therapy program now.