Where can you work as a Massage Therapist?

Before choosing to become a massage therapist, I volunteered in variety of settings for working health professionals. I quickly saw that, of the health careers I was interested in, the one that offered me the most variety and the most freedom was massage therapy.

Since then, I (and many of our graduates) have worked in an incredible variety of contexts. Here are just some of the possibilities. It’s up to you to choose!

• On private sailing trips

• On cruise ships

• With professional sports teams

• With touring musicians

• In Chiropractors offices

• In hospitals

• In PT clinics

• In health clubs

• In salons

• In day spas

• In international retreat centers

• At bed and breakfasts

• In one’s own office

• In a shared office

• In a holistic center / group practice

• In a home-based practice

• In a massage center

• In nursing home

• In hospice

• With a chair massage company

• With an acupuncturist

• With a counselor

• With a dance troupe

• With a theater company

• With a celebrity

• With an orthopedist

• With a podiatrist

• With an osteopath

• In a dental spa

• In a local or destination resort


How exciting is it that massage is a career that inhabits the best of both worlds – medical and holistic. Because massage therapy is not just for disease treatment; it is also a health-amplifying therapy. It is ideal for stress and so, in this stressful world, everyone is a potential client!

Because there are so many choices of work contexts, you can find the one that works best for you – not just fit yourself into a pigeon-hole or, God forbid, a cubicle!

I can honestly say after 40 years in this profession that every day I feel good about my work! I am very grateful to my teachers, to our students, to the employers, and to the clients who enjoy the benefits of this wonderful health therapy.

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