Massage Therapy in the Health and Wellness Industry

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Massage is Often Thought About as a “Part-time Gig,” but For Most Therapists, It’s Not… With massage therapy, you can have a meaningful, part-time side gig or rich, full-time career in the wellness industry. If you are interested in a future in healthcare, massage therapy is a practical option for this reason. Watch this. Massage As A Journey Into the Wellness Industry Though the initial...
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Grad Stories: Touch and the Real Meaning of Life

A Letter From a Massage School Alum, Lori Dupree To all teachers, therapists, present and future students, and clients of massage, we offer this beautiful letter as a tribute to you and to the precious knowledge that this profession is a carrier of. Touch is a miracle. Life itself is a miracle. And it is in these miracles, large and small, some of which we have a hand in, that we rediscover wha...
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Facebook Fan Page: Wonder-Wall

Over the weekend, Lauterstein-Conway Massage School Facebook page added several fans, which resulted in a spike in wonderful wall posts. Thank you and welcome to those of you who became fans and added content to our page via your wall posts. We'd love to continue to grow our online community, so please encourage your massage-loving friends and family to become fans, too! (Don't forget if you...
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In Memoriam

One of our most wonderful graduates, Rasa Sittler, passed away on December 28, 2009. Rasa Sittler was born in Germany and emigrated with her family to the U.S. as a young girl. She studied theater in Germany and later in New York. She performed internationally with the Munich Bach Choir and with the Players Workshop in New York City. In 1973 she shifted her focus from her acting career and beca...
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Massage School Graduate’s Dream Comes True – in Germany!

by Lauren Palmour, Graduate from the June, 2009 program Working in Europe was a dream of mine that I've had for years. So when I found this job through one of my Lauterstein-Conway Classmates Dawn Page, I was ecstatic.  It's a job at a Military Resort at the base of the Bavarian Alps, in Garmisch-Partenkirchen Germany. To wake up everyday to a dream is worth, so much to me. 

The job-
Working f...
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Dara’s Video Blog: Textbooks, Massage Tables and Supplies – Oh My!

Hear what future September student Dara Allen-Trainer has to say in her second video blog about preparing to start classes this month. There's still time to join her in the "Saturday section," which is a great schedule for working students. Do you have a healing touch? Learn to work with doctors, physical therapists and chiropractors or own your own business. For more than 20 years, TLCscho...
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