Heel & Sole - Heal & Soul
The feet are the foundation for our whole body and for our whole life! It is surprising that, nonetheless, most massage therapists do not know the muscles of the feet in detail! Every therapist needs a thorough knowledge of all the muscles of the feet and techniques to address them. This class will give you that knowledge and amplify your skills. When you take this Sunday class, on that Monday you...
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Massage Can Be a Light at the End of the Carpal Tunnel (video included)

By David Lauterstein What is the “carpal tunnel”? The main nerve and tendons going to your palm and your fingers run through the middle of the wrist. On the palmar side of your wrist there is a ligament running above them. It’s called the “transverse carpal ligament”. This ligament is basically the roof of the carpal tunnel – it helps hold these tendons (NINE tendons!) and the median ner...
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