Deep Massage and the Two-Sides of the Iliopsoas

I believe an important opportunity is missed when people work with the iliopsoas only unilaterally (one-side at a time). The “crura” (meaning “legs”) of the diaphragm interdigitate with the origins of the psoas. The feeling of standing in a balanced way on two legs is supported by the bilaterality of the psoas’ structure and function and its connections with the crura of the diaphragm. It is fine to address the psoas unilaterally, but that tends to address only its role as a hip flexor. Equally important is its bilateral role, along with freedom in the diaphragm and rectus abdominis, to restore buoyancy of the whole torso and spine.

So cultivate the ability to work both sides of the psoas simultaneously – I think you and your clients will see heightened benefits from this work!

diaphragm and iliopsoas