Deep Massage Book – updates

The Deep Massage Book has just been out for three months!  It’s interesting to me that a Continuing Education Coordinator suggested to me that I use its subtitle as the title for my workshops – I never thought of it!

The subtitle is “How to Combine Structure and Energy in Bodywork”.  Well that is what my work’s precisely about and Deep Massage has always invited confusion with Deep Tissue – which overlaps with my work but is not the same thing.  So “How to Combine Structure and Energy in Bodywork” really is clearer – thanks.

The book is of course available here at Lauterstein-Conway School and at Bookpeople in Austin.  If you want a copy autographed by me, contact me directly here at the school –  It is orderable from the publisher on-line at

Here are links and some reviews!  I am so delighted at the “hit” this book is becoming!

“In LOVE with your book, David! At last – a massage book with a soul.” – Tanga Okondo-Totterdell from the U.K.

“I’ve been reading the Deep Massage Book in bits and pieces over the past month (the only way I read anything these days, as mom to two small kids) and lately it’s really been striking me as useful in a larger philosophical sense – wanted to share here!  It occurs to me that one of the reasons deep massage resonates so well with me as a bodywork style is because it matches my intent in other important areas of life. As I read a bit and then go back to parenting, I notice that my intention with my children – to lead with confident authority, but not as an authoritarian, to have power with them rather than power over them, to preserve our relationship above convenience or convention, and to hold a curious space to cultivate what they find valuable in their experience – mirrors my therapeutic intention in a deep massage session. As I listen to clients’ tension and hold up my end of a conversation with another nervous system, allowing another body to realign and another mind to unwind, my role is much the same: facilitator of experience, guide through the process of their self-powered change.

It’s powerful stuff, realizing these connections! Thanks so much for this philosophy of touch communication. I know it will continue to make a difference in many, many lives!”                               – Hannah Ford, teacher and therapist

Here’s a review from the wonderful blog of Allissa Haines – Writing a Blue Streak.


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