The Deep Massage Book – It’s a Process!

Ten years ago Lippincott Publishers was interested in me doing a book on the method of Deep Massage I teach.

However the further we got the more they wanted me to write case studies, tone down the poetic language, and make it more textbook-y.

That’s not my spirit so I dropped that project. Then last September, after my son left home, I was struggling with empty nest syndrome. I starting journaling and then just started really enjoying writing daily. I thought, “Well, let’s revisit the Deep Massage Book and this time do the one I want!”

I’ve been enthusiastically working now almost every morning for 9 months, waking around 5:30 to write. I’ve found a fantastic illustrator who lives here in Austin. Now there are about 250 pages. I’ve submitted it to friends in the field and am looking forward to sending it to publishers within a month.

I’d like to share the process and excitement with you as this new book comes into being. I love the creative process. Picasso said ‘Every child is an artist. The problem is to remain an artist once he grows up.’

I’ll be sharing in this blog some of the processes and challenges of this creative process. Thank you to all my students and readers – may we continually and mutually inspire our inner artist in life and work!

The book is now tentatively titled: THE RENAISSANCE OF TOUCH – the Book of Deep Massage.