The Deep Massage Book – update!

About a year and half ago I wrote about the process of writing The Deep Massage Book, which I’ve been doing, off and on, for a number of years.

So here’s an update.  I’m done with the writing and the commissioned illustrations from a fantastic local medical artist, Christy Krames, MA.

I’ve pasted the table of contents below.  I am honored that it will be published by Redwing Books, one of the oldest and finest publishers of books on alternative medicine since the early 1970’s. It will be out by early 2012 – possibly February.

So wish me luck and pluck on this last leg of this part of the journey.

Part One

1.  Deep Massage and the Renaissance of Touch

2.  The Miracle of Human Structure and Energy

3.  Creating a Fulcrum

4.  Working Signs of Mind-Body Healing

Part Two

5. Practical Tips and Anatomical Language

6. Contact – The First Dimension of Touch

7.  The Back – Anatomy, Energy, and Fulcrums

8.  Movement – The Second Dimension of Touch

9.  The Posterior Pelvis, Thighs, and Feet – Anatomy, Energy, and Fulcrums

10.  Breath – The Third Dimension of Touch

11.  The Anterior and Side of the Leg and Pelvis – Anatomy, Energy, and Fulcrums

12.  Massage and the Vertical Truth – Graceful Verticality:  The Fourth Dimension of Touch

13.  The Front Torso – Anatomy, Energy, and Fulcrums

14.  The Role of the Heart in Bodywork – The Fifth Dimension of Touch

15.  The Shoulder Girdle, Arms, and Hands – Anatomy, Energy, and Fulcrums

16.  Understanding – The Sixth Dimension of Touch

17.  Neck and Head – Anatomy, Energy, and Fulcrums

Part Three

18.  Alchemy – The Seventh Dimension of Touch

19.  Session Design

20.  Everything Has an End


There is so much to be thankful for!  Happy Trails!