The Most Important Muscle? – Deep Massage and the Rectus Abdominis

Forward flexion of the torso – sitting or moving in hunched over position – is the most common postural distortion.  Forward flexion may give rise to serious structural and energetic problems

Leaning forward makes our back and neck work harder to keep us upright. It gives us less room for breathing – compromising nourishment to every single cell in the body.  It crowds vital organs, giving them less room for effective digestion, assimilation and elimination.  It compromises the enteric nervous system, described as the “second brain,” influencing a wide range of functions in the body.

What muscle is most implicated in this?  The rectus abdominis!

Though the iliopsoas enjoys iconic status, the rectus abdominis may well be more important for structural and energetic health.

The rectus abdominis interdigitates with the originating fibers of pectoralis major as well.  So it contributes also to rounding of the shoulders.

So here you are hunched over, rounding your shoulders, head hanging out in the space in front of the rest of your body like a lost bowling ball, with compromised breathing, digestion, and a dysfunctioning enteric nervous system.

You need a therapist who knows how to comfortably and effectively lengthen the belly and tendons of rectus abdominis!

This weekend in my Deep Massage workshop I will be deepening your ability to address rectus abdominis wonderfully (as well as supporting it through the diaphragm and psoas).

And in our Advanced Clinical Training, which begins November 7th, you will begin a journey and learning endeavor that will take you deeper and higher than you have ever been personally and professionally.

Rectus abdominis is just one component of how we can learn to address the energetic and structural nature of the individuals we see with techniques and understandings that can make an unprecedented and incredibly positive difference in their lives.