More about David Lauterstein

David Lauterstein is a distinguished collaborator, instructor, and author in the bodywork field, having presented workshops for therapists and teachers since 1982 throughout the U.S. and the U.K. With an illustrious background in music composition, philosophy, and social action, David is a prominent international spokesman for the union of art and science in massage and bodywork.

He is Co-Director of Lauterstein-Conway Massage School in Austin, Texas, author of “Putting the Soul Back in the Body”, “The Deep Massage Book”, and “Life in the Bones.”  He is a 2011 Inductee into the Massage Therapy Hall of Fame. He has most recently been honored as the 2012 American Massage Therapy Association Jerome Perlinski Teacher of the Year and as the 2013 Educator of the Year by the Alliance for Massage Therapy Education.

His latest book, “Life in the Bones” was published in 2017 by the Upledger Institute.  “Life in the Bones” is a biography of the founder of Zero Balancing, Dr. Fritz Smith, MD.  David has been studying with Fritz Smith since 1986 and wrote this book not only as an homage to his teacher, but as a way to transmit some of the deepest lessons we learn by doing bodymind therapy.  Fritz Smith trained as an osteopath, as a Rolfer directly with Ida Rolf, as a Five-element Acupuncturist with J.R. Worsley in the U.K., and with many spiritual teachers in India, U.S. and South America.  “Life in the Bones” is available through the Upledger Institute as well as the Zero Balancing Health Association.

“Reaching back to a formative time in bodywork, Lauterstein once again shares soulful insights. In this book, he holds up the threads of anatomy, spirituality, Asian bodywork, and the human potential movement. He traces each thread through the remarkable life of Fritz Smith. “Life in the Bones” is a lovely biography and a moving tribute to the power of touch.”  ~  Tracy Walton, LMT/author

In 2013 Redwing Book company published David’s other essential book!

“The Deep Massage Book singularly explores a new philosophy and practice of massage, describing an approach to touch therapy that affects clients deeply, not necessarily with more pressure, but with a more profound and vital connection. In a world where virtual reality holds prominence, hunger for the experience of actual reality becomes more pronounced and urgently necessary. The Deep Massage Book conveys a powerful therapeutic route for optimized wellness and wholeness of body, mind, and spirit.

For therapists, The Deep Massage Book enhances technique and expands understanding of the interaction of structure and energy in the human being.

For students, The Deep Massage Book offers clearly articulated and beautifully illustrated techniques that will add immeasurably to any therapeutic repertoire. For all interested in complementary healthcare, The Deep Massage Book journeys into an exhilarating exploration of the remarkable evolution of touch therapies in the last 50 years. It shows how the principles of Deep Massage are relevant not only for individual health issues, but to greater social health issues including touch deprivation, social anxiety, and the devaluation of human connection.”

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