Five Reasons to Join the November ACT

By David Lauterstein, BA, LMT, MTI, Co-founder

I remember when I did my initial training at the Chicago School of Massage Therapy – back in 1977 – the dark ages! Afterward, I took a bunch of workshops but finally felt the need for much more systematic training and went on to study Structural Bodywork and Zero Balancing.

To be the best, most successful massage therapist you can be, naturally your systematic advanced training is incredibly important.  Our answer to this need is Lauterstein-Conway Massage School new November Advanced Massage and Bodywork Training (ACT). Here are what I think are the top five reasons to participate.

1. The November ACT Ensures Individualized Instruction.

When you take a massage workshop, you learn new things, but often the massage therapy instructor doesn’t have enough time to get to know you as an individual massage therapist and learner. It is extremely important that you receive specific attention on your development and on your uniqueness as an individual. We don’t want you to just reproduce what we know, we want to you to manifest (and even more deeply enjoy) who you are in your work.

2. The November ACT is Not Fragmented Curriculum.

In six or 12-hour massage continuing education trainings, massage therapists often learn specific techniques or regional anatomy but do not have enough time to put everything together. To be a superb therapist, you need to be able to take what you’ve learned – anatomy, kinesiology, structural observation, soft tissue techniques, clinical problem-solving, energetic observations – and integrate it into a coherent deliverable therapy.

3. In the November ACT, You Will Learn Six New Modalities.

What massage continuing education course delivers six different modalities? Participants in the November ACT will learn Deep Massage: The Lauterstein Method, Structural Bodywork, Clinical Massage Therapy, Zero Balancing, Integrative Bodywork and Shiatsu!

4. The November ACT Provides the Highest Level of Learning Community.

The November ACT is a learning group of practicing massage therapists, who are all explicitly interested in a new level of learning and therapy, not just in completing a CE.

5. The November ACT is Taught by the Best Massage Therapy Instructors.

David Lauterstein will teach 100 of the 240 hours. David is TLC’s Co-founder, founder of Deep Massage: The Lauterstein Method, 2011 Massage Hall of Fame inductee and Zero Balancing Teaching Faculty member.

Tara White will teach 105 hours. Tara is one of our most experienced and expert instructors in Structural Bodywork, Deep Massage, who is also a certified yoga instructor, with additional advanced studies in Aston Patterning.

Cindy Anderson, pictured above, will teach 35 hours. Cindy is one of TLC’s most revered instructors who is certified in Shiatsu, Watsu, Waterdance, and Jin Shin Jyutsu with extensive studies in thai yoga massage, sports massage and lomi lomi.

If I weren’t teaching the new November ACT program, I’d be taking it! I can’t imagine being without this knowledge that enriches my life so much and those of our clients. I look forward to seeing you in November!