Mindbody Acupressure with Gayl Hubatch

By Gayl Hubatch, OMD, LAc, LMT

After studying and getting dis-enchanted with psychology in college, I turned to Eastern philosophy. In my early 20’s I became fascinated with Taoism and met an acupuncturist while living in Oregon. He also introduced me to Asian medicine. The philosophy of yin/yang seemed to answer the questions I had about the interconnectedness of life.

My Bodywork practice began in 1982 with Jin Shin Do® Bodymind Acupressure® and massage therapy. This opened me to the world of Mind/Body connections. Embracing the study, I moved to Santa Fe, NM to attend the Southwest Acupuncture College and then the International Institute of Chinese Medicine. I finished my doctorate and licensure in Chinese Medicine in 1988.

At that time, Acupressure and Acupuncture were not really known so I started teaching at the local universities, schools and private clinics. My practice grew and I continued my studies in China and teaching energy medicine around the US and in Canada.

Our energetic connections are transmitted primarily through the neuro-muscular and fluid (blood and lymph) systems in the body. The energy “signatures” that get laid down along these pathways are core to how we express ourselves in the world. It is a beautiful thing, but sometimes the energetic pathways get bogged down with toxicity from foods, environment, negative thoughts etc.

As practitioners of bodywork, we have direct ways to access the patterns of what are called “stagnation” and remove the blockages. Then a person feels more alive and creative. This is what Mind-Body Acupressure can add to your practice. You will broaden your scope and have clients lined up and waiting to see you!

Studying Qigong in China opened me to a deeper understanding of how energy moves through the body according to intention and focus. I love the moving meditations of Qigong, Yoga and Tai Chi. I became a certified teacher of Qi Gong, Tai Chi with the Institute of Integral Qigong and Tai Chi and yoga with the Prajna Yoga Institute. Today I practice and combine all forms in classes I teach.

My book Fabric of the Soul, 8 Extraordinary Vessels, includes case examples using acupressure to stimulate the deep pathways of the extraordinary vessels. It is available on www.amazon.com

Gayl teaches Mindbody Acupressure continuing education course for Lauterstein-Conway Massage School. Visit the Massage CE page to register for her upcoming course.