Ritchie Mintz

by David Lauterstein

I’m not sure you all know that we have a delightful and very special workshop coming up on March 30. It is a don’t-miss experience to for all bodyworkers and massage therapists in Central Texas! This remarkable class is called Fascial Explorations – and the Streams of Life.

It features Ritchie Mintz, one of Austin’s most highly esteemed Rolfers and teachers. It also features a rare appearance of Howard Miller who has been with Wheatsville for many years and is their produce and meat supervisor. Mr. Miller will be contributing a detailed knowledge of anatomy and fascia while Ritchie will be sharing insights from many years of studying, doing Rolfing, and attaining a mastery of working with the body’s fasciae.

Me and David Lauterstein~2I want to share some information about Ritchie Mintz. I first met Ritchie in 1985 when I moved to Austin. Ritchie had been one of the early Rolfing students who was privileged to study directly with Ida P. Rolf. So Ritchie has been devoted to this tradition now for over 30 years. His enthusiasm is contagious and his knowledge from all his experience is vast.

Though a published author for many years, this year has seen the publication of his first book – Foundations of Structural Integration. This book is a labor of love, a superb, personal and professional view of structural integration that is both enlightening and delightful to read.

Ritchie is both a total enthusiast and a total joy. His sense of humor and his vision combine to foster a much deeper knowledge and enjoyment in doing bodywork. Not surprisingly, he is, as befits all Austin therapists in this live music capital of the world, also a musician! He is well known also as a devoted bluegrass banjo player!

A few years ago, I was at the Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California assisting one of my teachers, Dr. Fritz Smith, who interestingly had been one of the earliest Rolfing students as well. I was sitting in the dining room there when who should appear as if conjured up out of thin air? Ritchie Mintz! Even though we both live here, it had been a year or more since we’d seen each other. What fun! Ritchie and I had a great time and especially since then have enjoyed our mutual admiration more than ever.

I want to encourage you to join Ritchie Mintz and Howard Miller for this unprecedented, stimulating and fun day – exploring the role of fascia in biology and in all the work that we do.

Register for the Fascial Explorations – And the Streams of Life Workshop with Ritchie Mintz and Howard Miller on March 30. CLICK HERE to Register Today!