Verbal Fulcrums in Zero Balancing – by Jim McCormick

cha-2I am very excited about Verbal Fulcrums in Zero Balancing this March 21-24 in Austin. This area of work has been my main growing edge in ZB for the last 5 -10 years and has been so gratifying for both my clients and myself.

During this time, my most exciting sessions have been with clients who consciously want to work on their personal growth in addition to whatever physical issues they might have. It seems that almost everyone wants change in their lives, which ultimately calls for personal growth.

We have an opportunity to help clients make the major changes they want in their lives.  The basic ZB protocol itself can do that for some people, but clients often find they can go much deeper in their sessions through the additional use of verbal fulcrums and dialogue.

Also through verbal processing, they can better understand the changes they have made and how they made them. This helps them to continue to work on these same issues in between sessions.

Some ZB’ers are nervous about doing much talking or processing with Zero Balancing sessions – for any number of reasons – fears of doing it wrong; of getting in the way of the client’s process;  of getting in over their heads – they wonder if they have enough skill to do this kind of work.

My answer is that you have enough skill to begin the job – an analogy from driving a car fits – you may not have enough skill to drive a Formula One racing car at 180 miles an hour, but you have enough skill to drive your car on the street.  A lot of the skills of processing are ones that we all use all the time – good listening to a friend, spouse or child; being present for someone else; calming a frightened child.  We all just know how to do it..we’ve been doing it all our lives!  We’ve use language to heal and help countless times – whenever we speak with kindness and an open heart!

A lot of the talking and processing is done in ZB before the tablework as part of the framing, or afterwards as part of highlighting the learning for the client.  Therefore in this class, we will look at refining our skills in framing as well as in post-tablework dialogue to optimize the positive effects of the session.

In this class you will  also learn a short processing protocol to help you talk with clients during a ZB session without interfering with their work – leaving them more in their right brain during the session.

We will also refine many of fulcrums in the protocol in this class – as clarity and strength of purpose and mind add powerfully to our ability to be at interface and to be yet clearer with our nonverbal as well as verbal interactions.

A brief story of a client’s experience —

As we talked she felt like her life was like “walking blindfolded on a tight rope.” As we worked in the session at one point she said “I realize I can take off the blindfold.”  This made a huge difference in her life. And in a later session she said, “I think I can step off the tightrope now.  I no longer need to do this.”

A subsequent session started out with us talking about how she felt she lived alone in a cold, cruel world.”  As we talked after the ZB session she thought of ten people she could talk to and that it wasn’t true she was alone, or that world was cold and cruel. All of this came about from the processing we had done over several sessions.  This has totally changed her life and has been one of the more gratifying relationships I’ve had with a ZB client.

If you truly want to be of service to your clients,I believe you will find this workshop essential.  The multi-dimensional power of language and touch together add a dimension that can make an enormous difference for yourself and for each of your clients.

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