Neu Release Massage

Contact First Name: Maia
Contact Last Name: Spertus
Phone: (512) 351-6453
Company Name: Neu Release Massage
Company Website:
How would you like to receive inquiries?: Email
Closing Date: 8/15/23
Job Title: Save your Hands as a Massage Therapist
Job Description: Ready to save your hands and upper body from the stress of conventional massage?We are looking for passionate LMTs to join our team and our next training cycle. Growth mindset required!

We train Neu Release\ a mat-based massage modality integrating Thai, ashiatsu, shiatsu, and sports massage – for releasing the nervous system.

Offer Swedish, Deep Tissue, Cupping , and any table modality you are trained in, in our office. Then you can transition to Neu Release as you are ready.