Satmya Ayurveda

Contact First Name:Wahneta
Contact Last Name:Trotter
Phone:(720) 292-6664
Company Name:Satmya Ayurveda
How would you like to receive inquiries?:Email
Closing Date.:9/30/24
Job Title:Ayurvedic therapy assistant
Job Description:Ayurvedic therapies are renown for their efficacy as both curative and preventative modalities. I have been an Ayurvedic Clinician for 20 years and taught as some of the most esteemed schools. I have a practice in Austin and am looking for a few women to assist me with the 4 hand therapies.
I will teach you the traditional 4 hand massage, Abhyanga. As well there are other therapies I practice for Panchakarma, rejuvenation and cleansing packages. Please email me if interested.