Traditional Thai Massage with James Peckham

Traditional Thai Massage with James Peckham

Saturday-Sunday, April 25-26, 2020


$295 early registration before March 25, $350 after
($175 Deposit)

16 CEs

Workshop Description

In this introductory class, participates will learn to give an 80-minute Thai Massage on a mat on the floor, with clients, clothed and without oils or lotions. Learn to use therapeutic Thai techniques including deep, broad muscle compression with feet and knees and stretches and pressure points to help clients and save the therapists' own bodies.  In class, we will learn to assess each client and adapt the basic Thai sequence to meet their elemental imbalances and improve the well-being of the body, mind and spirit. We work with the clients in supine, sidelying, prone, inverted and sitting positions.

Additionally, we will briefly discuss the unique history of Thai Massage, as the bodywork component of traditional Thai medicine. Thai medical theory - including element theory, "sen" theory, five layers, three aspects, 32 body parts, "kwan," Wind gates and release points.

Students will be introduced to other Thai physical therapies such as herbal compresses, balms, liniments, Thai fire cupping, scraping and "tok sen," but will not use them in class.

The class will be nearly all hands-on and guaranteed to be a fun and inspiring addition to your massage practice.

Course Objectives

  • The basic origins of traditional Thai Massage
  • A brief introduction to Thai medical theory
  • How to perform a traditional Thai massage session
  • Optimal body mechanics while standing, kneeling, sitting or squatting
  • How to apply techniques using the therapists feet, knees, hands and forearms
  • How to customize a session for clients
  • How to work slowly as we work more deeply

James Peckham brings a wealth of international life experience, a love of nature plus a successful academic career to his workshops. He has passionately devoted himself to Thai Massage, studying and apprenticing with the best Thai master teachers during six study-tours to Thailand. After providing 2,000 Thai massage sessions in five years, he was approved as an instructor in 2001. In that year at Ten Thousand Waves, a world-class destination spa, James created the Thai Massage program that provides the highest quality Thai Massage. He has taught Thai Massage extensively around the Untied States and students travel to study with him. He has been an Instructor and Registered Thai Therapist with the Thai Healing Alliance International (THAI), the professional associate for Thai Massage, since its' inception in 2006. James lived several years in Peru, Columbia and Mexico in remote indigenous rainforest communities, off the grid and outside the global economy.