Advanced Chair Massage – The Simple-Symmetrics Approach with Eric Smith

Advanced Chair Massage: The Simple-Symmetrics Approach

with Eric Smith

February 19, 2023

Sunday, 9am - 5pm 

7 CE hours - $170*

What makes The Simple-Symetrics Approach different from other chair massage training?

"The name is derived from the concept of trying to create symmetry in the client's body as well as the practitioner's application.  My philosophy is that most discomfort comes from asymmetry or imbalances in structure and muscle usage.  If there is a way to balance things out, then pain is diminished.  Doing it simply is the key.

What really sets it apart is the unique techniques I have come up with including compressions applied using my forearm on top of the hands, original stretches, range of motion moves that can only be done effectively in the chair, utilizing my knees to apply compression and deep trigger work in glutes and low back.

Additionally, I put significant emphasis on the forearms and hands of the client, something that seems to get overlooked in other routines.  Also, I have the clients sit upright in the chair when doing neck work which affords me access to the scalenes in a way that can't be done with the face in the cradle.  There is also the sequencing that creates a very "complete" feeling for the client (i.e. nothing left out) regardless of the duration." - Eric Smith

About the Workshop:

The Simple-Symmetrics Approach to chair massage workshop provides you with a solid foundation in sustainable body mechanics, efficient massage techniques, information on optimum equipment selections, ways of quickly establishing rapport with clientele, and proven marketing tactics to build your client base.

If you are an active or aspiring LMT who enjoys interacting with the public, are seeking ways to expand and enhance your practice, are interested in providing clients with a concise and effective demonstration of your massage skills with exceptional results and prefer to work “regular” business hours; then you will benefit from learning The Simple-Symetrics Approach to on-site chair massage.  Topics covered include:

  • Overview of Anatomy that chair work addresses
  • Sustainable Simple-Symmetrics massage techniques & sequencing
  • Marketing and time management strategies
  • Equipment and safely setting up an on-site space

About the Instructor:

Eric Smith leaning on massage chair

Eric R. Smith LMT, MTI became a massage therapist in 1987 with the specific goal of providing on-site chair massage in the corporate environment and beyond. His business Eric’s Hired Hands has had numerous corporate clients including the corporate offices of PayPal/eBay, Charles Schwab, AT&T,, several commercial properties as well as dozens of “one-off” events. He has performed over 50,000 chair massages. Additionally, he was instrumental in building the successful chair massage business at the Austin-Bergstrom Airport with Knot Anymore, LLC from 2002-2018. He was the massage coordinator for SXSW for 8 years.  He always had a handful of private home visit table clients as well. He is currently semi-retired splitting time between northern New Mexico and Austin and enjoys pursuing outdoor activities, working on his vehicles and house projects, and spending time with his wife, dog, and cat.