Lomilomi 'Hawaiian Temple Bodywork' Advanced & Expanded Workshop

with Jason Bratcher, LMT, MTI

and special guest

Diane Shelton MS SEP, Certified Somatic Experiencing Therapist

Sept 30 - Oct 2, 2022

Friday, Saturday & Sunday - 9am - 6pm

24 CE's - $475

Advanced Lomilomi (Part 2) + Trauma Training in One Workshop!

Workshop Description:

The expanded/advanced Lomilomi workshop is the long-awaited "Part 2" to the basic Hawaiian Temple bodywork(lomilomi) workshop that Jason Bratcher LMT/MTI/CE Provider/Lomi Kumu has taught for 10yrs. This workshop takes a deep dive into the inner workings of the techniques learned and adds in more techniques with detailed explanations of the why and how from an energetic and shamanic perspective.

This workshop also teaches you how to be more trauma-informed and how to best serve clients who come to you for these types of sessions without breaching the scope of practice. We will have a very special guest come into the workshop, Dianne Shelton MS SEP, who is a licensed professional counselor and a certified Somatic Experiencing Therapist to give an exciting talk about trauma and the body and what this looks like, and how to best serve clients who are sensitive and seeking ways to help soothe their nervous system in addition to their regular therapy.

The special nature of this workshop will be a powerful journey into the realm of shamanic bodywork practice and will help support those who wish to walk this path and incorporate these elements into their career and life and community.

This workshop is available to those students who have taken Jason Bratcher's basic Lomilomi workshops and to students who are "experienced" in Lomilomi massage and have a basic working knowledge of the hands-on techniques.


"Lomi Lomi bodywork has expanded and energized my massage practice and my life. Sacred Temple Lomi Lomi is so much more than just another massage technique. The emphasis on compassion and the sacred nature of the work has had a profound effect on my internal well-being as well as my interactions with others both in and outside of work. Jason does an amazing job of preparing a safe and sacred space for transformation and personal and therapeutic development. I am beyond grateful to have him as a teacher and to experience this workshop." - Sara Schoonover

"What an amazing opportunity to grow both internally and in technique. I experienced in both giving and receiving a deep sense of connectedness, of truly being cared about, of inner peace. Jason does an amazing job cultivating a space for these qualities to really present themselves and be experienced. Physically, I feel more in tune with my tools (forearms) whether in a full Lomi Lomi temple session or integrating Lomi technique into sessions. Did I mention that I learned how to fly in 2 days? So cool!! Just imagine the possibilities 3 days holds in store =)" - Erica Hnilo

About the Instructor:

Jason-23Jason Bratcher is a Massage Therapy Instructor and a Continuing Education Provider in the State of Texas with 20 years of dedicated Massage Therapy Practice including advanced studies in Deep Tissue, Deep Massage "The Lauterstein Method", MyoFascial Release, Sports Massage, Spa Modalities and Lomi Lomi "Hawaiian Temple Bodywork". He has taught students at the esteemed Lauterstein-Conway Massage School in Austin, Texas. Jason is a Teacher's Assistant and facilitator under the direction of Tom Cochran and Donna Jason of "Sacred Lomi Hawaiin Temple Bodywork". Jason Bratcher also has a very deep but humble background in Native Shamanic Practice and utilizes the wisdom that was taught to him to be a better facilitator for not only his life path but for all who come to him for Therapeutic Bodywork and Lomi Lomi. Jason's deep respect and honor for this wisdom and way to live reflects in his passion for teaching and imparting authenticity and integrity in all of his endeavors.

Special Guest: Diane Shelton MS SEP - Intuitive Trauma Specialist

Dianne offers professional services to individuals and organizations wanting greater awareness and love for a life more fully lived. Dianne is a skilled intuitive and Somatic Experiencing Practitioner (trauma/PTSD healer). Dianne offers an energetic and powerful journey that goes beyond anything you have experienced in traditional counseling or life coaching.