Alchemy of Touch

Alchemy of Touch with David Lauterstein

Thursday -Sunday, September 14-17 , 2023

Thur: 1:00 pm – 5:00pm

Fri - Sun: 9am – 5:00pm

25 CE's - $795* Hold your spot with $397.50 Deposit


Register by August 15, 2023 ONLY $695

Zero Balancing I & II are prerequisites.

About the Workshop

The focus of the Alchemy of Touch workshop is learning how to create and navigate higher energy fields and then put them to healing advantage for the client. One metaphor regarding Alchemy of Touch is that of cooking. When we turn up the heat in cooking, change begins to happen; when we put a lid on the pot, change becomes faster; when we lock down the lid and create a pressure cooker, things happen even faster. So it is in the body when, through touch, we create these different levels of energy, change not only happens faster in the body but also old resistant imprints may lessen and deep healings occur.

Similarly, in Alchemy we look at the whole session as a peak experience.  In this sense, it is similar to a ritual that invites extra-ordinarily positive experiences of structural change and energetic flow.

This program is apropos for any person who has completed ZB I & II. In the course of empowering known fulcrums and presenting new ones, there is a deepening level of skill and sensitivity. Everybody wins – your core ZB’s will improve as you sharpen your skills, and new possibilities will open as you learn how to create and navigate amplified fields of energy. The hidden gems you will discover and the transformation of your work will surprise even those of you who already do Alchemy of Touch.

You can take this course as an individual workshop or, if enrolled, as part of TLC’s new TLC Intensive Zero Balancing Certification Program (pre-requisite ZB I and II).

We will specifically work with:

  • Amplifying energy field
  • Containing higher energy fields
  • Exiting Alchemical Fields
  • Creating Alchemical Sessions
  • Working with Expanded States
  • Alchemical fulcrums –
  • Amplified Half Moon Vectors

Alchemical Fulcrums for:

  • the pelvis
  • the hip
  • the outside of the leg
  • the Foot
  • the Ribcage
  • Shoulder Girdle
  • Arms

Exiting and Integrating Alchemical Sessions

About the Instructor:


David Lauterstein, LMT, MTI, Cert. ZB, TLC School Co-Director, has been in massage and bodywork practice since 1977 and has become one of the most highly respected international educators in the massage therapy realm – inducted in 2011 into the Massage Therapy Hall of Fame, honored as the 2012 recipient of AMTA’s Jerome Perlinski Teacher of the Year Award, and in 2013 by the Alliance for Massage Therapy Education as “Educator of the Year.”

David regularly teaches in Costa Rica, in England and throughout the U.S since 1982. He is the author of the books, “Putting the Soul Back in the Body”, “Life in the Bones: A Biography of Dr. Fritz Smith and Zero Balancing”, “The Deep Massage Book”, and the forthcoming, “The Memory Palace of Bones”, co-authored with Dr. Jeff Rockwell. David is certified in Structural Bodywork, Zero Balancing and is a long-time ZB Faculty member. His background prior to massage therapy was in philosophy and music composition (BA, U of Illinois, 1972).