A Primer for Massage Therapists, the Home and Well-being

with Mark Dauenhauer, LMT

Sunday, December 9, 2012
10am – 5pm
$125 ($65 deposit)
6 CE hours


*10% off for TLC Graduates and students

This basic introduction to Aromatherapy is designed to enhance the lives of others through a stronger understanding of the use of essential oils to promote physical and physiological well being.

We will cover a brief history – From the ancient Egyptians through the French Perfume movements of the Renaissance to modern times we will discuss aromatherapy from the early roots to the latest technology meeting with this ancient art.

We will explore the process in which essential oils are derived including;

  • Steam Distillation
  • Cold Pressing
  • Infusion
  • Carbon Dioxide
  • Expression and percolation (Hydro-Diffusion)

Delivery systems– We will discuss carrier oils, base oils and digestibles and how they are derived as one of the delivery systems of essential oils plus choosing the right oil for your desired task.

  • Inhalation – the most common and well-known use for essential oils and the myriad of way to administer.
  • Hydrotherapy – we will explore the incredible healing powers of nature’s greatest gift…Water! and its marriage with essential oils.
  •  Topical – through healing touch many are brought down the road to wellness adding essential oils for specific concerns can expedite the process
  •  Ingestibles – healing with essential oils and in their original form,  Living closer to the ground and its healing properties.

Essential oils (The Vital Tool Box)-Safe, Practical applications for the Massage practice and home

We will choose 10 essential oils to enhance your massage practice, your home and well-being. Indications/contraindications, mixing, dilution rates, massage oils, containers and storage, hydrolats/hydrosols, first aid and cooking with essential oils will be explored.


Mark Dauenhauer, LMT, has been long associated with the healing powers of plants and flowers even before he knew their names, through years of home remedies passed down from generations of European lineages — aromatherapy and healing with foods has been second nature.

After becoming a massage therapist Mark studied under and worked for Barbara Close an herbalist, aroma therapist, massage therapist and Clinical Esthetician for 10 years as an Education Associate/Massage Trainer for Naturopathica, a holistic natural skin and body care company. He was also the Spa Director for the Naturopathic Spa in East Hampton, New York.  Since 2004  in his capacity as therapist, educator and spa director, Mark has traveled and given seminars in aromatherapy throughout the United States.