Banish Burnout and Transform Your Massage Practice

with Michelle Wald

Sunday, August 9, 2015
6 CE’s

**10% discount for TLC students/grads**

“Practice What You Preach Ergonomics” – How to ensure you can make a living as a LMT without the heartbreak of breakdown.

One of the biggest concerns for the massage practitioner is the ability to practice massage without pain for as many years as they wish. The keys to this is pacing massages, balancing the body and using proper body mechanics for the individual.

The traditional body mechanics are a great starting place, however people don’t always use them or they are not strong enough to maintain the “good mechanics” and quickly slip into some kind of compensation, which does not support them. Over time the kinetic chain breaks down coupled with the belief that just getting a good massage will fix the problem. While a great massage often gives relief, this is often just treating the symptom. Strengthening and optimal body use are at the core of the solution. What if this could be incorporated into your practice?

Aston Fitness and Movement:

  • Learn your best alignment to begin
  • Approach your clients mindfully
  • Sequence your moves
  • Strengthen your core
  • Balance the strain
  • Release the tension

Michelle Wald has over 24 years of experience working with the human body as a PT, LMT, and Advanced Aston Kinetic practitioner. The Aston Kinetics system integrates Advanced structural bodywork, movement coaching, assessment, and ergonomics. She has worked with elders to children and everyone in between. Her clients say that she has masterful hands and a unique perspective of the body where she can zero in on what is the problem. She sees the interconnectedness of the body, bringing possibility to any limitation. With a passion for supporting others to live their lives fully, Michelle supports people by releasing structural holding and improving the foundation of their functional movement in a fun and engaging way. By teaching Aston Movement techniques for self care, Michelle empowers others to bring ease and grace to any task, leaving them energized and empowered by the end of the day. Michelle’s knowledge of anatomy, the fascial system, neurology, movement, and nutrition gives her a unique ability and perspective into all the systems of the body to enhance wellness.