Bodywork for the Childbearing Year

with Kate Jordan

Friday – Monday, November 13-16, 2015
$695 ($200 deposit)
34 CE’s

**Registration CLOSED. We will not be accepting walk-ins for this event.** 

Bodywork for the Childbearing Year is an advanced certification training in medical massage for the childbearing year. It approaches the concerns of the pregnant, laboring, and postpartum woman with a comprehensive program of advanced massage techniques and specific pregnancy, labor, and postpartum support measures.

Sessions taught take therapists far beyond general adaptations of massage for the pregnant body.

This workshop presents the anatomy and physiology of pregnancy, labor, and birth in the context of those techniques that therapists can most effectively use to provide pain relief and emotional support to their pregnant clients.

They are trained in effective hands-on massage strategies to minimize labor pain, and facilitate fast and easier labor pains. They also learn abdominal and pelvic restoration techniques for the postpartum period, as well as scar massage after Cesarean section.

They also learn through the principles of the Alexander Technique, to modify their own body use while performing pregnancy massage to minimize therapist muscle strain and injury.

Students learn to identify contraindications to pregnancy massage, as well as to recognize high-risk  pregnancies. Participants are provided with intake forms for clients and release forms for healthcare providers and learn how to use them appropriately. Relevant research documenting the benefits of touch during the childbearing year is presented to prepare students to describe the benefits of pregnancy, labor, and postpartum massage to health care providers.

Kate Jordan is a pioneer in the field of massage therapy for pregnancy. She has practiced as a massage therapist since 1972 and has been the senior therapist at the Moss Center for Integrative Medicine in La Jolla, California since 1978, where she specializes in working with individuals with complex medical problems, those experiencing acute and chronic pain, and in pregnancy, labor, and postpartum massage. Her massage training includes early work with Harold Reilly and the ARE Clinic in Phoenix, AZ, as well as an apprenticeship with Margaret Machado in Hawaiian Lomi Lomi. She has studied osteopathic manual therapy with Dr. Lawrence Jones and the Jones Institute for the past twenty five years and is a certified in Jones Counterstrain. She was a student of Continuum Movement with Emilie Conrad and the Alexander Technique with Marjorie Barstow. She has had extensive training in the use of visualization and guided imagery for medical conditions. Kate taught at the International Professional School of Bodywork in San Diego from 1979 to 1991, and has presented at many state and national professional association conventions. She served as a member of the Board of Directors of the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork, and has been recognized in the Massage Therapy Hall of Fame.