Deep Massage – An Advanced 20 hour Training

with David Lauterstein

Friday-Sunday, June 27-29
Fri 5-9pm, Sat & Sun 9am-6pm
$395 ($100 deposit)
20 CE’s


**10% discount for TLC students/grads**

This 20-hour workshop (also known as Deep Massage II) can be taken as a first class in Deep Massage or as an advanced class for previous students of Deep Massage. Its focus is on deeper muscles of the body accessed through the supine, side-lying and prone positions.

Students will learn how to work with the iliopsoas, the diaphragm, the deep lateral rotators of the hip, pectoralis minor, subscapularis. sternocleidomastoid, masseter, and the deep suboccipital muscles
They will also learn new techniques for working, in the side-lying position, with the lateral malleolus, peroneus longus, tibialis anterior, tensor fascia lata, gluteus medius and minimus, the greater trochanter, iliotibial band, adductor magnus, serratus anterior/external oblique, erector spinae, multifidus, quadratus lumborum and the posterior ribs.

Deep Massage: the Lauterstein Method is a form of myofascial release/deep tissue which consciously and simultaneously engages energy as well as structure, the nervous as well as the muscular systems. This makes the work easier, more efficient and more effective for both the therapist and client. It is outlined in the required text for this course, The Deep Massage Book: How to Combine Structure and Energy in Bodywork – reviewed as “the most innovative book for bodyworkers in the last 30 years.”

If you have studied with David before, this course will add immeasurably to your toolbox of techniques as well adding inspiration and greater clinical efficacy to your work. If you have not studied Deep Massage before, this workshop will transform your ideas and your practice of massage in ways that will fascinate you and greatly benefit every one of your clients.

David Lauterstein is the author of The Deep Massage Book – How to Combine Structure and Energy in Bodywork (Redwing Books). Mr. Lauterstein is Co-Director of Lauterstein-Conway Massage School in Austin, TX. Since 1982 he has taught Deep Massage: The Lauterstein Method and Zero Balancing throughout the U.S. and in the U.K. He is also author of Putting the Soul Back in the Body and the CD, “Roots and Branches” for massage. He is one of the most highly respected educators in the massage therapy realm – inducted in 2011 into the Massage Therapy Hall of Fame, honored as the 2012 recipient of AMTA’s Jerome Perlinski Teacher of the Year Award, and in 2013 by the Alliance for Massage Therapy Education as “Educator of the Year.”