Dermoneuromodulation & Integrated Methods for Chronic Pain and Stress

Dermoneuromodulation & Integrated Methods


Dr. Jeff Rockwell, DC

Sat & Sunday, June 6-7th

10am – 5:00pm

12CEs - $250 by May 6th & $295 after.

Workshop Description:

Dermoneuromodulation (DNM) is a gentle and effective method of manual therapy for addressing pain and chronic stress. In DNM, the focus is on the nerve receptors in and directly beneath the skin, and their relationship with muscles, fascia and articular structures. It is based on the premise that, according to Hilton’s Law, the nerves that supply the skin also supply the muscles and joints beneath them. Because of its nerve- and brain-centered focus, DNM not only is useful in addressing chronic pain and stress, but is useful in promoting the client’s capacity to down-regulate their stress, and to promote more integrated function and plasticity of the brain’s sensory-motor system.

The skin is the largest organ of the body. The skin develops from the same layer in the embryo as the brain. So your skin is basically the most exposed part of your nervous system.  It is incredibly active, alive, intelligent and responsive. A piece of skin just the size of a quarter contains a yard of blood vessels, 4 yards of nerves, 25 nerve cells, 100 to 340 sweat glands, 200 hairs along with little muscles attaching to each that give us “goosebumps”, and more than 3,000.000 cells!  If you needed any proof that you and everyone you know is a walking miracle, you need look no further than the skin!

In this 12 hour course, students will be introduced to basic principles of relevant neuroscience and gain the ability to work directly with the brain and nervous system to communicate change to the body, rather than to coerce it through force. The student will learn dermoneuromodulation techniques for neck, shoulder, low back and pelvic pain. The student will also gain skills related to down-regulating stress in the autonomic nervous system through a combination of touch and movement.  Dr. Rockwell particularly will be sharing new information on treatment and self-treatment of the all-important vagus nerve.

Many therapists know the origins and insertions of muscles, but not as much about the nerves that innervate these muscles, as well as organs and skin - this class will give you much more knowledge of the specific nerves you need to focus on, why to do that, and how to do that.

About the Instructor:

JeffRockwellDr. Jeff Rockwell, DC is a chiropractor, Canadian-trained osteopath, body worker and somatic educator, with a passionate interest in the neuroscience of manual therapy. A pioneer in brain-based manual therapy, Rockwell has been a popular teacher on the seminar circuit for the past twenty years. Professor of Clinical Sciences at Parker University for many years, he is the author and producer of numerous manuals, books, and DVDs on myofascial therapy and somatic education, and he is a member of the Continuing Education faculty for Parker University, Logan College of Chiropractic and Life Chiropractic College West. He is also the founder and co-director of the Institute of Manual Neuroscience in San Jose, California .