Mindbody Acupressure

About the Workshop:

Mindbody Acupressure Symptom Relief. This course teaches an effective local-distal technique and acupressure points to relieve joint pain, seasonal allergies, and headaches. Learn effective acupressure techniques to enhance your existing practice. Acupressure combines easily with massage and other modalities. This acupressure style treats children and adults. You will practice qigong breathing exercises to open awareness to the energy field and utilize this skill in working with others.

MindBody Acupressure involves a local – distal meridian point technique, breath and unwinding. Learn acupressure points, technique and skill development. Unblock tension patterns in neck, shoulders, back and belly. Acupressure gives you a tool to access what is going on energetically inside a person, which over time expresses itself physically. Energetic connections are transmitted primarily through the neuro-muscular and fluid (blood and lymph) systems in the body. The energy “signatures” that get laid down along these pathways are core to how we express ourselves in the world.

Students will be able to demonstrate accurate point locations and specific acupressure release patterns. Students will be able to list contraindicated points in pregnancy. Students will understand basic Qi flow theory and be able to explain how it works to a potential client. Students will learn trajectories of general qi flow: i.E. yin and yang organ meridians. Students will learn simple qigong exercises to support their own well-being and enhance their ability to use acupressure effectively. Students will be able to demonstrate confidence in point locations and table practice of acupressure release patterns. Students will be able to integrate acupressure into a massage session and explain why the points chosen are effective for their client.

About the Instructor:


Gayl Hubatch, OMD, LAc, LMT began her holistic practice in 1982 with Jin Shin Do® Bodymind Acupressure® and massage therapy. Gayl quickly began teaching Acupressure and also massage therapy throughout the US and in Canada. Gayl received her Doctorate, state license and national diplomat status for Chinese Medicine in 1988. Dr. Hubatch also furthered her studies in China in 1992. She is a trained and certified teacher of Qi Gong, Tai Chi and Yoga for many years.

Gayl published her book, Fabric of the Soul, 8 Extraordinary Vessels, in 2010. Fabric of the Soul includes case examples using acupressure to stimulate the deep pathways of the extraordinary vessels. Available on www.amazon.com

With decades of experience in clinical practice and teaching a variety of courses, Gayl is considered to be a “world class instructor”, visionary and top practitioner in her field.