Problem Solving: Piriformis Syndrome and SI Dysfunction

Problem Solving: Piriformis Syndrome and SI Dysfunction

with Ani Williams

September 25, 2022

Sunday, 9am-4pm 

6 CE hours - $150

About the Workshop:

Piriformis syndrome and Sciatica are similar yet different conditions that affect up to 40% of the population. As common as these conditions are they are also misunderstood. This continuing education course will introduce orthopedic tests to allow you to differentiate between the two and treat them accordingly. You will also learn causes, stretches and massage techniques to address acute symptoms as well as tools your clients can take home. Becoming well versed in this rapidly growing condition will not only increase your clients overall quality of life, it will also enhance your therapeutic skill set.

About the Instructor:

Massage School Instructor head shot for Ani WilliamsAni Williams LMT, MTI. Greetings! I am the owner and operator of The Body Psychology Massage Studio located in Austin, TX. I decided to become a licensed massage therapy practitioner and instructor after many years of studying a myriad of healing modalities. While stepping further into my intuitive and psychological understanding of locating and treating trauma, I developed a technique that has proven results in alleviating acute and chronic pain. I believe that we are in a new era of holistic healing; one that requires a symphony of healing instruments to speak to our life’s complicated and beautiful journeys. It is my honor, and privilege, to help your physical, emotional, and or spiritual wellness practice reach a higher level of healing acuity.