with Marsha Walker, PhD, RN, LMT

Sunday, January 19th, 2020
10am - 5pm
6 CE hours

**10% discount for TLC students/grads**

About the Workshop:

Stimulating the pressure points on the feet has been used to help alleviate pain and promote relaxation and healing since the time of the Egyptians. The many different pressure point systems include points on the feet, hands, and other areas of the body that have corresponding points in other areas.  For example, a point on the foot corresponds to a point in the spine.  When pressure is applied to these points, the related part of the body is affected, relaxing tension and helping the body seek its own balance and health.

Pressure point therapies can be used with any population, do not require a massage table, and can be applied and are effective in a short amount of time.  They can be used as a stand alone therapy with the client fully clothed, or incorporated into a massage.  In a massage setting, working on the pressure point first can relax the corresponding area, making massage techniques more effective.  In certain injuries or illnesses, pressure point therapies can address situations often difficult for massage, such as stimulating healing of wounds, fractures, burns, endocrine imbalances, and skin conditions.  Pressure point therapies also address emotional conditions related to chronic stress.

This workshop will introduce the principles, points and techniques of two pressure point systems, reflexology and vitaflex.  Participants will learn the location of the points on the feet and hands, and which points to use for specific situations.  Working in pairs with feedback, participants will practice two techniques for applying pressure to the points and learn how to incorporate selected pressure points into a massage, for clients who are sitting in a chair or lying on a massage table.

By the end of the workshop, the participant should be able to:

  • Locate pressure points on the feet and hands
  • Demonstrate a technique for applying pressure to the points
  • Discuss specific points applicable to certain conditions
  • Describe situations where the use of pressure points would be helpful tool in their practice

About the Instructor:

Marsha Walker, PhD, RN, LMT, is a graduate of The University of Texas at Austin School of Nursing.  Marsha has taught pressure point therapies, massage, and energy-based therapies since 1978, and is a long-time associate of The Lauterstein-Conway School of Massage.  She has had a private practice for over 35 years in which she incorporates these modalities.  Ms. Walker is co-author of Healing Massage:  A Simple Approach.