Introduction to Foot Reflexology

Introduction to Foot Reflexology

with Brenda Bianchi

Sunday, October 22, 2023
9am - 4pm
6 CE hours

foot reflexology chart

About the Workshop:

Foot reflexology is a modality that can be easily incorporated into your current massage sessions.  Addressing the reflex points on the feet can greatly enhance your work on the client's areas of focus.  For example, if shoulder pain and tension is the issue, apply pressure to the shoulder reflexes on the feet, in addition to doing massage techniques on the shoulders to increase your client’s pain relief.

  • Reflexology can be combined with other bodywork therapies or applied alongside conventional western medicine to improve wellbeing and vitality.
  • Reflexology is (low risk) safe, noninvasive and comfortable. This modality is especially beneficial to those clients who may be unable to receive a full body or chair massage.  Session can be as short as 30 minutes or last an hour.
  • As an LMT, offering a 30 minute add on reflexology session to a 60 or 90 minute massage can increase your earning potential per client.

Intro to Reflexology will explore various theories of reflexology and how it works. Reflexology involves applying finger, thumb or knuckle pressure to specific points or "reflexes" on the feet.

These points are called "reflexes" because they reflect, or mirror, the organs and structures of the body.  By applying direct pressure to the reflexes on the feet, it influences the health of the corresponding parts of the body encouraging the body toward homeostasis.

Intro to Reflexology teaches participants how to map the locations of specific reflex points and techniques for applying pressure to those points. During this course, the anatomy of the foot, including the bones, boney landmarks and other important anatomical markers will also be reviewed.

Participants will be guided through a protocol to address each of the reflexes in a systematic order while getting a brief overview of the ancient and modern history of this pressure point modality.

Reflexology has many benefits including:

  • Natural, non-invasive, drug free
  • Induces deep relaxation
  • Improves the flow of blood, lymph and nerve impulses
  • Provides pain relief

About the Instructor:

Headshot of Brenda Bianchi, Massage Therapy Instructor at The Latuerstein-Conway Massage School & Clinic

Brenda Bianchi BS, LMT, MTI, CCT, CMLDT.  Brenda is a 2011 graduate of the Lauterstein-Conway Massage School and is currently an instructor of the 500 hour program.  In addition to being on staff at TLC since she graduated, she has her own private practice, Bianchi Therapeutic Massage, where she enjoys working with a wide variety of clients. She has experience working in many different facets in the massage industry from a medical setting at a chiropractic office to doing luxurious body treatment at a high-end spa.

Brenda has never met a massage modality she didn’t love.  She is an avid learner and has attended numerous continuing education courses of professional massage training.  This life long journey of learning includes a 300 hour Professional Reflexology Certificate course (The Barefoot Dragonfly), Contemporary Cupping Methods (International Cupping Therapy Association), Oncology Massage Therapy (Tracy Walton & Associates), Manual Lymph Drainage (Klose Training), CranioSacral Therapy (Upledger Institute International), Pre & Perinatal Massage Therapy (Body Therapy Education), Zero Balancing & Deep Massage (David Lauterstein), Introduction to Thai Massage & Table Thai Massage (Robert Gardner), Mindbody Acupressure (Gayl Hubatch), Introduction to Ayurveda & Body Types, Indie Head, Face & Scalp Massage (Margo Gal), Anatomy Trains (Tom Meyers), as well as classes by Ben Benjamin and Brian Utting.