Beyond 60 – Massage for the Mature Adult

Beyond 60: Massage for the Mature Adult


Mary Duval, LMT 

Sunday, June 5, 2016

6 CE hours - $125


**10% discount for TLC faculty/alumni**


Baby Boomers are realizing a distinct need for Massage Therapy. Learn more about this growing population and expand your client base. 

Workshop Description:

Thanks to the baby boomer generation, mature adults are a growing population. As the baby boomers age, more people join the ranks of mature adults. But, what is a mature adult? Put simply, it's someone who is 60 years or older.

As people go Beyond 60TM, they often start to have more physical problems. Whether it's just some minor aches and pains or more complicated health issues, most people do not escape the effects of aging. However, MOST mature adults are NOT old, frail, or geriatric! They are active, vital individuals who still enjoy sports (tennis, pickle ball, cycling, etc.), working or volunteering, traveling the world, and just about anything else you can think of.

Because the aging process is starting to catch up with folks after they cross the 60-year threshold, we as massage therapists need to understand how to evaluate and work with mature adults in all their varieties. No two 75 years olds are the same and, therefore, your massage sessions must adjust to the individual mature adult you have on your table. This class will give you the skills you need to work with mature adult clients from active and healthy to frail.

In this class you will learn:

  • The difference between the terms mature adult, senior, elderly, and geriatric
  • The 4 Cs (confidence, caution, communication, caring)
  • How to evaluate your mature adult clients
  • How to work with common mature adult health issues and body condition

Mature adults are here and they're looking for massage. Even if you do not specialize in working with older adults, you will start to see more of them in your practice. Learn how to work with this growing population so you'll be ready to work with this amazing group of people!

About the Instructor:

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Mary Duval graduated from Lauterstain-Conway Massage School’s 500-hour program in 2011 and since then has focused her career working with mature adults, active and frail. She is also the owner of In Your Home Senior Massage, PLLC.

Working with mature adults provides Mary with a rewarding career that allows her to help older adults feel and move better while getting to know some of the best people in the world! This work inspired her to write the book, Beyond 60TM: Massage for the Mature Adult, (February 2016 release date) to help more massage therapists understand how to work with mature adults.


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