Structural Bodywork: A Functional Approach for the Knee with Marc Frazier

Structural Bodywork: A Functional Approach for the Knee with Marc Frazier

November 13-14, 2021
9am - 4pm
12 CEs - $300

Structural Bodywork: A Functional Approach

There is more to chronic knee pain than merely “tight” quads or hamstrings. The knee is a load-bearing joint between the longest bones in the body. Both its structure and function are greatly affected by the mechanical relationships between the hips, ankles, and feet. The knee also reflects the way the weight of the pelvis and trunk are supported and carried by the lower limbs.

Learn to think around corners to truly help clients manage chronic knee conditions! This class teaches therapists how to consider the whole body when designing a massage plan by developing better observation and palpation skills. Learn to help create and implement a plan that will empower your client to manage their own body’s musculoskeletal health.

Structural Massage for the Knee: A Functional Approach learning outcomes:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of how to observe the body’s structure, in order to design an appropriate massage plan.
  • Differentiate--through palpation--the state of relevant soft tissues throughout the body.
  • Know which areas of the body to massage, for clients with chronic conditions--and, to know their intent when massaging those areas.
  • Show an ability to educate their clients about self-care--in particular, when and where to use self-massage, stretching, and strengthening (or engaging relevant muscles).

About the Instructor:

Marc Frazier teaches Structural Massage for the Knee: A Functional ApproachMarc Frazier,LMT has been a personal trainer for over 35 years and a massage therapist for 20 years. During that time, he has worked extensively in sports massage and clinical settings. He has traveled with numerous teams and is one of the most valued clinical massage and training resources in Central Texas. His passion is functional anatomy, massage therapy, and their successful clinical application in helping people improve both their structure and functional health.






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