Trauma and the Body

with Gregory Gaiser

Sunday, April 27
6 CE’s


**10% discount for TLC students/grads**

In this one day class students will learn basic traumatology theory and its relevance to massage therapy.

Topics include:

  • Trauma defined
  • Symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) including hyper-arousal and hypo-arousal of nervous system
  • The triune brain and its relevance to resolving trauma
  • The four roles of trauma: victim, perpetrator, savior, bystander and their relevance for massage therapists
  • How massage therapy may be beneficial for trauma survivors
  • How to stay within appropriate scope of practice for massage therapy with trauma survivors

Gregory Gaiser, Hakomi Trainer, Matrix Leadership Consultant and Trainer. Gregory originally trained as a bodyworker at the Boulder School of Massage Therapy. From this ground, his quest for embodied spirituality was launched in 1981 when he first studied Hakomi with Ron Kurtz. He has been on the Hakomi faculty since the late 1980s and taught in the U.S. and abroad for Hakomi Integrative Somatics founded by Pat Ogden. He also taught at the Boulder School. There, he was chairperson of the Integrative Massage Department and co-created a course entitled Trauma and the Body for the graduate program. In addition to being a Hakomi Trainer, Gregory is currently a Senior Trainer and Consultant with Matrix Leadership Institute, devoted to cultivating conscious collaboration and human sustainability within all kinds of groups, from families to businesses. He lives in Austin, TX and his meditation practice also includes the art of ikebana, Japanese flower arranging.