Deep Tissue Techniques for the Chest, Diaphragm, & Shoulders – REGISTRATION CLOSED, NO WALK-INS!

Deep Tissue Techniques for the Chest, Diaphragm, & Shoulders

with Brian Utting

Saturday October 20

10:00am - 6:00pm

7 CEs - $195 

*10% Discount for TLC Students/Grads

Registration is now closed for this workshop.

No walk-ins will be accepted.

About the Workshop:

The chest and diaphragm are often overlooked as primary contributors to back and shoulder issues. They are the source of our breath and our taking in of life. These core muscles are often tight, constricting breathing, energy flow, and movement. You will learn simple but powerful methods to release the diaphragm, sternum, intercostals, and ribcage, increasing vitality, flexibility, and improving balance and function. These techniques are liberating and create a noticeable opening right away, helping your clients to breathe twice as deeply with half the effort. They also create a foundation for a more balanced shoulder girdle.

The shoulders, in turn, are meant to float freely on the ribcage, but they are often restricted, stuck down, and in pain. You will learn some simple techniques to effectively liberate anterior scapular muscles such as the pectoralis minor, subclavius, and the subscapularis, and to help to give your clients a feeling of ease and freedom in their shoulders that reaches all the way around to their back. Come prepared to go a little deeper in this class, and to push and explore your edges a bit.

"This course lifts massage therapy to a higher level. The chest work was amazing--my range of breathing went waaaay up." -Lise Orye

About the Instructor:

Brian Utting founded the Brian Utting School of Massage (Seattle, WA) where his 1000-hour COMTA-accredited school was considered one of the best massage schools in the country. He has been teaching massage CE internationally since 1990. Brian designs his CE classes and programs so that the students really get the material and can take it home and apply it in their practice, rather than just being exposed to it. With over 30 years of experience, Brian teaches with a rare blend of passion, anatomical precision, humor, common sense, and depth. He was awarded the AMTA’s Award for Lifetime Achievement in 2009, and was inducted into the Massage Therapy Hall of Fame in 2014. He now owns and operates the Pacific Northwest School of Massage. Visit Brian’s website at