Hospice Massage with Irene Smith – CANCELLED!

Hospice Massage with Irene Smith

Saturday-Sunday, April 4-5, 2020


$375 ($187.50 Deposit)

16 CEs

***10% Alumni Discount

In the interest of health safety in regard to our students, clients and staff we have made the difficult decision to cancel this course.

Workshop Description

This introductory training program is designed to provide techniques, skills and personal practices for adapting touch and massage to specialized settings for clients who are dying.
These skills and practices will help the practitioner more fully understand hospice care, network as part of a team, gather information for treatment assessment, achieve physical comfort at the bedside and process the emotional impact of the work.

This class will also provide you with a physical approach to clients in pain that will enhance other care modalities. Approaches and skills learned in this program may be incorporated into daily nursing care as well as be structured into most bodywork modalities.

Course Objectives

  • Describe the philosophy of hospice care
  • Describe the role of massage in hospice care
  • Demonstrate 3 massage modifications to work with the physical and/or emotional vulnerability of a hospice client
  • Demonstrate healthy body mechanics while providing a massage session at the bedside
  • Demonstrate comfortable propping for a client in a bed and a chair
  • Demonstrate 3 Everflowing massage techniques
  • Identify unresolved feelings of grief and loss
  • Identify personal beliefs, experiences and fears relating to death and the dying process
  • Demonstrate the ability to be non-judgmental in the process of emotional expression and to work with personal process within a team setting

irene smith teaches hospice massageIrene Smith, a certified massage practitioner since 1974, introduced massage into hospice care on the west coast in 1982 and has pioneered the service world-wide.
In 2001, Irene founded and currently directs Everflowing, an educational outreach program dedicated to teaching mindful touching, as an integral component to end of life care.
As a respected author and educator, Irene’s work has been honored by the somatic and health care communities as an outstanding contribution to community well- being. She was the first National AIDS Memorial Grove’s inductee for AIDS service and in 2014 she was the first Lifetime achievement award recipient from the World Massage Festival.
Irene served as a West Coast assistant for over 10 years to her teacher, the late pioneering thanatologist, Elisabeth Kübler-Ross, MD