A note to TLC Massage School Alumni

Dear Alumni,

I just want to share some excitement re new recognitions and developments around here.

My book’s coming out in a month!  The Deep Massage Book arises from all the lessons you’ve contributed to over the years – THANK YOU, alumni!  The Deep Massage Book features 30 beautiful illustrations, extensive technique explanations, elaborations on anatomy, the seven dimensions of touch, session design and the evolution and history of this integrative approach to deep work.

I’ve gotten endorsements from Tom Meyers, Ben Benjamin, and twelve other great people in our field.  Here’s just one –

“David’s gentle wisdom, attention to detail and to the potential and dimensions of loving, skillful touch, along with over 30 years of professional experience combine for a book on bodywork that is truly revolutionary. If you purchase only one hands-on book this year, make this the one. It is the most innovative book for bodyworkers in the past 30 years!”

Bob King, Co-founder Chicago School of Massage Therapy, national educator, industry leader

And along with this great recognition of the quality of what we’ve been teaching at TLC, last week I was informed that I am the recipient of the AMTA’s Jerome Perlinski Teacher of the Year Award and they’re flying me to the National Convention in Raleigh, NC this October!  Yikes!


In other exciting TLC news – John and I are starting to look at the longer run for how best to support TLC other than by our working the 50-60 hour weeks he and I have often done – now that we are JUST SLIGHTLY older… 🙂

Julie Renfro, who’s been our Internship Director for TEN YEARS is moving on since her restaurant in Buda, Nonna Gina’s, has become a full-time job and big success!  We are deeply grateful to Julie for doing a great job all these years!!

As the new Internship Director we are bringing in Mark Dauenhauer from New York state.  Mark has five years experience as director of a holistic day spa on Long Island and has spent the last two years as Education and Compliance Director for the New York Institute of Massage, a nationally-accredited school.

And we’re having a school-wide meeting with faculty and  administrative staff on April 5th to look at strengths, weakness, and overall input on changes we can work on that will make TLC an even better school in the future.

Let us know if you have any ideas for changes you’d like to see in the future!  Among the most important input is what comes from you alumni.  Feel free to email me with your thoughts, concerns, and enthusiasms.

It is not possible to fully put into words, the gratitude we have for all the great people who are working here and who have studied and are studying here.
Please know it in your hearts.

Thank you,