Whiplash and Headaches with Tammie Culley

Whiplash and Headaches with Tammie Culley

Sunday, April 7th 2024


Continuing Education Hours – 6

Course tuition: $ 160


About this Course:

The purpose of this course is to familiarize students to a deeper level of understanding as it relates to Whiplash and Headaches.  The student will learn how to assess the clients movements, which muscles or areas are causing pain and which muscles may need work in order to alleviate pain.  Students will learn how to use testing to understand what may or may not be a problem and create a session plan that will address their assessment findings.

  1. Course outline:

9a-11a Lecture: Definition of Whiplash and why this occurs, Anatomy of the head , neck muscles, ligaments and tendons associated with Whiplash, Symptoms of each of 3 types of whiplash and how to assess for each.  Create a general care program for whiplash clients.

11a-12p   Assess for Whiplash:  perform 3 whiplash tests for determine which type of headache and where to work.

 1p-2p Lecture:  Definition of various types of headaches and their symptoms, Description of Headache patterns, and Trigger points associated with Headaches, and testing for determining nerve root impingement or muscular impingements.

2p-3p  Assess for Headaches:  Ask questions and perform testing to determine which type of headache and where to work  including palpatation for Trigger points.

 3p-4p 1st trade: Student will interview partner, perform testing and create session to include trigger points. Must be Ok’s by instructor before beginning trade.

4p-5p 2nd trade:  Student will interview partner, perform testing and create session to include trigger points. Must be Ok’s by instructor/ assistant before beginning trade. 

Learning Objective #1: Discuss symptoms for headaches.

Learning Objective #2: Observe clients movements for whiplash.

Learning Objective #3: Learn how to perform muscle testing to confirm area to be worked.

Learning Objective #4: Create a session plan to address findings


Tammie Culley, LMT, MTI, is the Internship Clinic Director for The Lauterstein-Conway Massage School.  As a structural massage therapist in the Austin/Round Rock area, she has a successful private practice, therefore giving her the honor of attending clients in a more personal setting

Tammie is certified in Medical Massage Therapy and loves to work side-by-side with Chiropractors, Physical Therapists, and Doctors helping to bring learning, health and healing to her clients and students.  She strives to understand the ‘why’ of her clients’ discomfort in order to provide tailored and structural evidence- based massage sessions.  Tammie uses her understanding of anatomy, physiology and pharmacology to design creative and specific structural sessions for her clients.

Tammie is married and a mother of 4.  She has a limitless curiosity for learning and teaching and finds joy in this endeavor.  She also enjoys travel, reading, and spending time with her family.