Gifts from TLC – New! The Deep Massage Book (and CD – Roots and Branches)

Are you a massage therapist? Get the best book and the best music CD for massage for your therapist/friends this year!

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Here are just a few of the many lovely reviews of these products
“In The Deep Massage Book, David Lauterstein imparts a rich offering of valuable knowledge and experience. An artist both of word and touch, he delightfully informs the reader. This is an important book for every therapist and student of the healing arts, and for any person curious as to the deeper benefits of massage therapy and bodywork.“
Dr. Fritz Smith, MD, founder of Zero Balancing
“Roots and Branches is a favorite of mine and of my clients. It’s timeless music that I never get tired of listening to. David’s inclusion of massage therapists actually performing massage in the studio while this was being recorded was a stroke of genius. I highly recommend it–not just for massage therapists, but for anyone who loves good music. It’s impossible to remain in a stressed-out frame of mind (and body) when you listen to it.”
Laura Allen, LMT