start-a-journey-on-the-road-to-success-genesis-slider-resizeA journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. – Lao-Tzu

How many steps, how many thousands of miles did you travel last year? How many thousands of steps and miles we will take in the next year? How can you make this journey more full of life, goodness, beauty, and excitement?

The single step we begin with is the MOST important one because without it the journey doesn’t even start!

To begin our new journeys (and to feel nourished, not exhausted through the holidays!) we need to:

  • STOP what we are doing – we can’t do anything new, unless we stop what are now doing

Only then can we –


Whether you do this on your own or in a more structured context, this is the most important process to engage in during the next few weeks.

This process is precisely what we do in our remarkable annual year-ending and new-year-beginning workshop – ESCAPE FROM 2015. We encourage you to join in.

You slow down and consider what the high and low points of last year were. You take the important time to stop and to rest. You consider new pathways and, having come to clarity, take the first conscious step of your new path, this new year.

In the morning we will engage in values-based planning – so we each develop a clearer picture of where we want to head in this new year – illuminated by the lessons from this past year. We will use meditation, mindful stretching, guided writing exercises, lecture and discussion to take a close look at the past, present and the future.

In the afternoon, then we will use meditation and massage to convey this information not just to your left brain, but, more importantly to your right brain, your body and your spirit.

To accomplish our your goals – all of you needs to be “on board”.

The most important steps are the ones we take not just in our mind, but with the actions of our body and our spirit. To have a truly NEW year we need this single mindful step.

Escape from 2015! – Self-Care, Mindfulness, and Massage Momentum for the New Year

with David Lauterstein

Sunday December 6, 2015
12 – 6 pm, 6 CEs


**10% discount for TLC students/grads**